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I'm a BADASS, with a Good Heart, Soft but Strong, still get it Wrong. Unapologetic and Honest, Electric but Baby I Promise, I'm not the type you're gonna take Home!!”

— Badass



Well, growing up, my biggest dream was to be a singer. I giggle though, as a child it seemed like a fantasy ‘Princess, Fairytale’ stuff. Completely unrealistic! There were a lot of Britney Spears Karaoke marathons and that unbelievable feeling of being in another world.  

Today, when I sing, it still feels like I’m in another world.

Who would have guessed I’d get the opportunity to follow my biggest dream?

I still sometimes pinch myself to see if it’s all real. ‘Coz here’s the thing, I never ever thought someone would take a chance on me; see my heart, see my potential, my soul, my passion to write music and all the rest! I am so grateful, overwhelmed and blessed.

Starting this journey, I wanted my songs to be songs that someone would hear and relate, goosebumps, butterflies and that overwhelming feeling in your chest. That’s the

feeling I get when I sing them.

In 2017 October Sun Productions took a chance on me, I’ve learnt about the music industry, seen how to produce and worked with an award winning song writer, each song has beautiful meanings and each lyric poured out onto paper. The songs are real, deep, fun, crazy and beautiful and I hope when you hear them, you see that. 

I am so proud of each song on my album “these first steps” which was released in July 2019 

That was really just the start though, that’s why It was called “these first steps” there are a lot of steps still to take. 

My new Single "BADASS" is OUT NOW and it's the next chapter of many more to come!!! 

Thank you to October Sun Productions for believing in me, supporting me and taking a chance on me. 

Thank you for listening to the music, sharing the songs and supporting this journey. Please continue to do so,  

check out “shows” to see where you can catch me performing live...


You think you know me, Then come on play your games, There’ll be a bounce back and ricochet. So be sure, before you pull that Trigger”

— Trigger

You may bend, but that's not broken may be lost, but no loser might be a wreck, though you won't crumble you will fail, but you ain't a failure so be your own SAVIOUR”

— Saviour


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